Helping people buy or sell farmland and beet stock in North Dakota and Minnesota.

Selling your farm or beet stock may be a once in a lifetime experience. It can be a huge financial and emotional decision and downright nerve-wracking. Is it a good or fair price? Am I doing it right?

Don’t let your lack of farm and/or valuation knowledge lead to a failed sale or getting less than your farm or beet stock is worth. In some cases, one bad decision or being unrepresented could cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Not to mention causing you unneeded emotional wear and tear and wasting your precious time.

Trust the agents who grew up on farms in the region. Not only are they some of the most experienced agents — they understand the business and emotions of selling a farm. For about 20 years each, Jayson Menke and Dale Haugen have served as trusted advisors to hundreds of successful land sellers. Let them do the same for you.

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Maximized Value

Trust the experienced, knowledgeable agents who know the local market and are well connected. They will customize a professional sale strategy maximizing your farm’s best value.


Peace of Mind

Let us lift the burden off your shoulders. We’ll take care of all the details – giving you that all-important peace of mind.


Personalized Service

You’re not just another deal or number to us. We’ll go above and beyond for you! Doing our best for a successful sale and a great experience for you!

What’s the best way to sell your farm?

Step 1: Schedule a consultation
Step 2: Let Acres & Shares perform a broker analysis and develop a customized sale strategy
Step 3: List your farm and have us implement our successful sale strategy

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