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“Since 2003, one of my greatest work joys has been working with ACSC shareholders. Building trust. Friendships. Business relationships. Leverage my know-how and add value to your transaction(s).”

Jayson MenkeAcres & Shares


Experience and product knowledge

If you’re considering our service, you don’t want to worry about contracts, ACSC transfer paperwork, tracking down signatures, limited partnership agreement reviews, bank releases or collecting money.

Let us SIMPLIFY your beet stock transaction and REDUCE your selling stress!

Paying attention to detail and taking care of the following items and more is our forte:

  • Collect funds
    • 20% good faith deposit with signed contract
    • 100% funds in escrow prior to submitting ACSC transfer documents
    • Funds are held in Escrow Account for Exclusive Benefit of Customers
  • Coordinate all aspects of ACSC transfer documents
    • General partner signatures
    • Bank security interest release
  • ACH or check options
  • Electronic signatures
  • Personal document delivery on deadline
  • Overnight delivery option


As a communications major, journalist and advertising salesperson, we’ll be resourceful in marketing your shares. Below are some examples:


In a thinly traded market, choosing an experienced broker makes a difference.

Below are Jayson Menke’s additional beet stock trading qualifications:

  • Trading ACSC beet stock since 2003
  • Led Alerus Securities Ag Stock Division from 2007 – 2013
  • FNC Ag Stock President and CEO from 2013 – 2018

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